Thank you for your interest in my services. Here you will find information about my work in psychotherapy, lectures and workshops.


Psychotherapy is a treatment that applies to people who have some specific conflict, or a mental disorder and / or for those seeking it as a process of self-knowledge without there necessarily a psychological disorder.


Conditions that I attend, most often in my practice are:

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

  • Mood disorder: Depression, Bipolar I and II disorders, cyclothymia and dysthymia

  • Sexual disorders: dysfunction, paraphilias, etc.

  • Personality disorders

  • Conflicts of Couple

  • Advice on parenting

  • conflict behaviors of adolescence


Each treatment is customized from a professional and ethical framework. The model I teach therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy and therapy schemes, which have proven effective in the vast majority of ailments.

Each patient is treated with respect, appreciation and empathy, respecting what makes them unique and different from others.


If you are interested please let me know that you will attend gladly, therapy can be in Spanish or English.


For people who do not live in Chicago or Guadalajara is the option of taking therapy via Skype or Facetime. Since 2 years ago I started working in the city of Chicago my patients from Mexico and other parts of the world asked me out therapy via video conference. It has proved to be an extraordinary tool to connect and work with people in Europe and Latin America and the results were the same as those obtained with patients in person. So no matter where in the world you live, I gladly will attend using these platforms.


I offer lectures are based on serious scientific and topical information. However, exposure is in a relaxed and trusting environment that fosters openness and audience participation.


I teach at the Universities, Colleges and Schools, Civil Associations, Business and Industry.


If you want to know the issues that I have to offer, please let me know and I send gladly conference catalog.

Llama al 1-(630)-768-1065

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